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Beaton can and will fulfill all your needs in music and radio preferences by having the latest features in the industry and applying them to the highest level. Listen to music or any radio station without stopping while you navigate on the site.

The sound features of this theme will allow you to upload and display any type of music format available on the market. Also, another option in the audio section is the brand new radio design and a better incorporation in the theme that will please every music enthusiast out there.

This section of the theme will display the events, their date, location, ticket availability and pricing. Other details regarding the events posted on the theme are accompanied by the artist who is playing, music genre and the location of where the event is taking place.

The mix section is a chance for the upcoming artists to be heard and for people to find out about the new musicians and latest trends in the music industry. Here you can post the mixes that you like from different artists, and if you want, maybe to promote them in your posts on the theme.

Beaton provides unlimited number of photo albums that can be uploaded on the theme. There is no limitation in the amount of photos that can be uploaded in the created albums. This section can be customized with the date and location of where the photos were taken.

YouTube and Vimeo are the usual providers of video sharing on this theme with the possibility of showing the location and recording date. You can post videos from parties, charity or social events that people can attend and relive the
experience by sharing it with others.

Live radio streaming is a nice feature that can be integrated for the people who prefer to listen a particular station or for those who are streaming their own radio station.

Theme Options
This theme allows you to chose a background pattern or you can choose to upload any background image that pleases you. The logo, favicon, menu and link colors, and the rest of the options are completely adjustable from the Theme Options.

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